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Victorian Tearoom and shop specialising in fabrics and fashion wear. I designed their logo, shop decals, business cards and leaflets.

Lil C's

American Style Diner in Aberdeenshire. 

I designed the label for their homemade smoky BBQ sauce.

Rhynie Wifies

Re-enactment group that teaches Celtic/Pictish history at local events. I designed the logo which was used for branding.

RGU Student Union

A campaign to boycott First Bus in protest at the increase in fares was organised by the student union of RGU. I designed these posters to spread awareness and they were distributed through the campus and shared online.

Educate to

A girl studying nursing at RGU approached me to do a commission for her dissertation cover. She wanted something playful and memorable to help lift the very data driven content.

Educate to Eradicate!.jpg
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